Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starting the Northeast

      I am so excited to go to the Northeast.I think it will be fun and it will be very interesting.I think it'll be interesting because I don't really anything about the Northeast. The journey will be fun and awesome and I hope I get to learn something about it too!
      I also wondering a few things about the Northeast like who first settled it, what are the main resources, what do they farm, are any famous history there, and is what the people of the Northeast do a lot for entertainment. I hope I will learn all these things when I visit the Northeast.
      I'm also deciding where to go. One place that I surely go to is the STATUE OF LIBERTY. I want to see it in person, that means like in real life with my 2 little eyes. I might also go to Rhode Island because it's the smallest state in the U.S.I hope when I go to the Northeast I can visit these places,learn some new facts, and the best thing of all have fun!!! BYE!!!

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