Monday, May 9, 2011

The Southwest part 2

      The Southwest is a very cool region. Even though it's only 4 states there's a lot you can visit too! Some places I went to was Flagstaff,.AZ, the Colorado River,and the Canyon De Chelly monument.(cool name!) All of the places are very cool.

      I learned a lot from those places. Did you know the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon? It formed it by this thing called erosion. It's when water hits land and then it forms the shape of it.Did you know the Canyon De Chelly monument has a lot of what they called "spider rocks"? It's this twin 800 foot towers of rock. Did you know Flagstaff is a governmental, educational, transportational, cultural, and commercial center?That's a lot of things!

      I loved these places and I hoped I can come to them again! Maybe next time I have a road trip, I'll stop by here. I hope you liked the southwest like I did!

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