Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starting the Northeast

      I am so excited to go to the Northeast.I think it will be fun and it will be very interesting.I think it'll be interesting because I don't really anything about the Northeast. The journey will be fun and awesome and I hope I get to learn something about it too!
      I also wondering a few things about the Northeast like who first settled it, what are the main resources, what do they farm, are any famous history there, and is what the people of the Northeast do a lot for entertainment. I hope I will learn all these things when I visit the Northeast.
      I'm also deciding where to go. One place that I surely go to is the STATUE OF LIBERTY. I want to see it in person, that means like in real life with my 2 little eyes. I might also go to Rhode Island because it's the smallest state in the U.S.I hope when I go to the Northeast I can visit these places,learn some new facts, and the best thing of all have fun!!! BYE!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Slave Day 1

      My first day as a slave was actually not that bad. I'm hired as a cooper and I have to make barrels. I also found out that I get a considerate amount of money. I feel lucky because some slaves don't even get money that do work. My master has also gave me $100 dollars to start. I feel good and lucky. I wonder what to do with my $100. I hope my job goes well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Starting the Southeast

      I'm on my 4th region now! I'm going to start the southeast!I know a lot about the southeast because my grandpa told me a lot about it! I hope what he told me was right and I want to see all the great things in the southeast.

      Places I want to go in the southeast, hmm I don't really know any places. I want to go to a place that's big and it is very interesting . Also, I want to go to a place that is landform. Of course I'll see other things too but I think that's I really want to see.

      I also have a lot of questions about the southeast. Why is it so big? Why are the states named what they are? Who first settled the Southeast? I have a lot more but I don't want to write them. Anyway, I hope I'll have a wonderful time in the southeast! See ya!


Monday, May 9, 2011

The Southwest part 2

      The Southwest is a very cool region. Even though it's only 4 states there's a lot you can visit too! Some places I went to was Flagstaff,.AZ, the Colorado River,and the Canyon De Chelly monument.(cool name!) All of the places are very cool.

      I learned a lot from those places. Did you know the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon? It formed it by this thing called erosion. It's when water hits land and then it forms the shape of it.Did you know the Canyon De Chelly monument has a lot of what they called "spider rocks"? It's this twin 800 foot towers of rock. Did you know Flagstaff is a governmental, educational, transportational, cultural, and commercial center?That's a lot of things!

      I loved these places and I hoped I can come to them again! Maybe next time I have a road trip, I'll stop by here. I hope you liked the southwest like I did!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starting the SouthWest

I am finally starting the southwest. I wonder what new stuff there is going to be. I already know that a lot of cowboy stuff came from there. Also there is the grand canyon in Arizona. So, I have some background knowledge on the southwest pretty much.

Also, some places that I want to going the southwest is the grand canyon, Texas, and the Calorado River. I heard those places all have good and amazing sights. But one place I really want to go is the Arizona to see how hot is it.

What I wonder about the Southwest is like why are there only 4 states in it, why is Oklahoma shaped like a pan, and why does the states have those names. I don't really wonder a lot about the southwest but I do look forward to it on my road trip! BYE!!!