Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Wild Wild West CONTINUED

  Here we are now at Joshua's journal. We hope you enjoy the show! (actually journal)

      The West is more fascinating than I've ever known to life! It's got so much places that I was crazed out of my mind! I finally chose 5 places. Hollywood,Pacific Ocean, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, and Mount ST. Helens! I learned a lot of each of them. I really liked the west. Here, I tell you about it more.

      At Hollywood I learned that it was first called Holly Canyon, Hoover Dam cost 49 million to make,the Pacific Ocean provides seafood, oil ,and transportation, Mount St. Helens age of rock is more than 40,000 years old,and Las Vegas can get really hot! These are some of the facts I learned about in the west.

      The West is pretty interesting and cool region. I wonder if I can stop by here again for vacation. One question I still have is why is there so much celebrities in California??? Is there like a curse? The " A lot of celebrities in California curse"??? I hope I can figure that 1 out and to see you on the next journal!!!


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