Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Starting the West

      Here I am at Mount Rushmore about to take my first step in the west. I wonder how the west is different from the Midwest and what do they have in common. I do know some things about the west like there are a lot of volcanos. But I still hope I learn some new things about the west.
      What I already know about the west is that there is a lot of farming too there.  Also, that there is Las Vegas there. What I want to know is who first settled there, is there any historical landmarks, and who first found gold in the West. On my journey I think I'll be able to answer those questions?
      Where I want to go in the west are some cool places. I want to go to Las Vegas, Hollywood, where the gold rush was. and at Idaho to see the potato factories. My next part on my road trip will be fun and exciting. There, I took my step in the west! See ya later!  

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  1. Hey Mr. Joshua,

    I was telling this to Danbie, and perhaps you can talkwith her about it during work time in guided reading.

    In response to your question on people, maybe you could look int the different types of people that participated in the gold rush. You'll find that many groups were discriminated against, especially those who were non-white. It could answer your question about "who was there first" and give you some ore insight into similarities between regions.

    Mr. F.